And… We’re Off!

I’m so excited to finally go live with this website. You’ll never know how many months I’ve put this off and just paid to have it floating around, hidden away until I was ready. But hey, I’m here and my site is finally, officially, LIVE!

It’s not like I haven’t been selling online already. I’ve sold on Etsy for a while and I’ve been selling on Facebook for a couple years. I have an Instagram, but let’s not talk about that. I had a TikTok, but let’s not talk about that either. Being a one woman show is tough and I see so many other people out there killing it! Kudos to you all! I’ll catch up. Eventually. But, for now, I’m happy with this small victory. Excuse me while I celebrate.

Welcome to!!!

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  • I just bought a pair of your vine and leaf earrings at the Daniel Boone Cafe. I love them. Started following you on instagram. Wishing you well with your business!


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